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Pregis' most sustainable packaging solutions


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Designed for the
Circular Economy
Engineered Performance,
Less Materials
Recycled Content
Most Sustainable Solution Per Packaging Category



Minimizing product damages is one of the most important factors of sustainable packaging, that’s why Renew™ products don’t compromise on protection. Renew products maintain protective performance while using less materials and adding higher levels of recycled content with an emphasis on recapturing, recycling and reuse of materials.



Damaged Product, Damaged Planet

Sustainability starts with protection, eliminating product damages has the biggest impact on maintaining a healthy environment.

Engineered Performance using Less Raw Materials

Pregis optimizes our Renew products by using less virgin materials to maintain the best performance possible.

Maximizing Recycled Content

Pregis' Renew packaging solutions minimize the use of raw materials while maximizing recycled content to reduce our environmental impact.

Focused on Maximizing Reclaimed Materials

Pregis is a member of The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, FSC, CEFLEX, and How2Recycle®, among other organizations that have a common goal of creating a circular economy. Through the success of these efforts and an increase in the availability of recycled content, Pregis will continue to maximize the amount of reclaimed materials in our manufacturing process.

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