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Bumper Guard

For years, Pregis has been providing some of the world’s largest car manufacturers with a wide array of effective bumper protection, including: cushioning, abrasion/puncture resistance, and much more. As a result, Bumper Guard is able to offer the best all-around protection for your automotive business challenges - from OEM to aftermarket.

Bumper Guard Product Offering 

We've designed products that meet your specific needs. Our bumper protection comes in wrap form - which serves as an on-demand solution that is sheeted to size onsite for a more tailored, secure fit. Pregis also offers a ready-to-use, sealable bag option to ultimately reduce labor needs. 


Materials: Polyethylene film laminated to a layer of polyethylene bubble

Description: A base layer of bubble and a film laminate provide cost-effective strength and durability, while offering light cushioning and puncture/abrasion resistance.



Materials: Woven polyethylene scrim laminated to a layer of polyethylene sheet foam

Description: A combination of a foam base layer and woven material laminate provide maximum cushioning with enhanced puncture/abrasion protection.



Materials: High density polyproylene film laminated to a layer of polypropylene sheet foam

Description: Film and PP composite offer excellent cushioning and superior flexibility to easily conform to any bumper. This product’s high coefficient of friction also allows for effective abrasion resistance on finished surfaces.


Bumper Guard Product Specs 

Standard offering of sizes, gauges and formats: 

Bumper Guard Product Matrices

If a more custom solution suits your needs, reach out to us today for assistance. Pregis also offers effective automotive solutions outside of bumper protection, including fascia/trim, side/quarter panels and more. 


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