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Pregis Complete Protective Packaging Guides

Air Cushioning, Mailers, Foam

Engineered Foam

 Foam-In-Place Systems

  • IntelliPack® Complete Foam-In-Place Systems (Brochure)
  • IntelliPack® SmartBagger - Agile Bags with Maxwell (Video)
  • IntelliPack® SmartBagger - Creating Bag Sequences (Video)
  • IntelliPack® SmartBagger - Packing with Barcode Sequences (Video)
  • IntelliPack® SmartBagger - Packing with a Molding Wheel (Video)

Inflatable Systems

Paper Packaging Systems

Automated Poly Bagging and Cold Seal Systems

Pregis PolyMask Solutions

  • Pregis PolyMask Capabilities (Video) 
  • Pregis PolyMask Protective Films (Brochure)
  • Pregis PolyMask Automotive & Transportation Solutions (Brochure
  • Peliculas de Proteccion Temporal-SPANISH (Brochure)
  • Pregis PolyMask - Best Practices & Usage Guide (PDF) 

 Specialty Protective Packaging Materials

Industry Solutions


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