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Pregis Automated Mailing & Bagging Solutions

Pregis is your trusted manufacturer for all things automated mailing and bagging. Whether you're looking to jumpstart your operational productivity with our automated baggers or you're in the market for the perfect paper mailer, Pregis has you covered.

/ Fully Automated Integrations

Fully Automated Integrations

Sharp integrates into any packaging environment! Our bagging machines are designed and built with off the shelf parts and standard Allen-Bradley PLC to easily integrate with infeeds, conveyors or robotics for a fully automated packaging environment. Save time and money. Increase throughput. Relieve labor constraints.

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How2Recycle® Labels on Sharp Poly Bags

Show your commitment to sustainability!

How2Recycle®, the consumer-friendly labeling system has designated Sharp poly bags as recyclable at store drop off locations! Show your customers you're environmentally conscious by using Sharp poly bags for your packaging needs.Read the Press Release

How2Recycle logo is shown on a Pregis Sharp Poly Bag.

Predictive Maintenance with Maxwell™


Maxwell™ Intelligent Interface offers a robust user interface that empowers packers with customization options and machine insights. Using advanced diagnostics, Maxwell monitors internal components and will alert technicians to potential wear and tear before a failure occurs to eliminate unscheduled downtime and ensuring your packaging facility keeps up with demand.

Maxwell Intelligent Interface for predictive maintenance
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Getting the Most Out of Automated Baggers

Throughout our monthly Driving Throughput blog series, we’ll explore the different ways you can positively (or negatively) impact your operational efficiency by shining a light on the crucial role that automated baggers can make in your operation.

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Case Study: Box to Automation

Veterinary pharmaceutical company saves $225,000 in freight costs annually and reallocates 5 employees through box-to-automation transition.

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Sharp Automated Packing Machine

When do you need to invest in an automatic bagging machine?

Ecommerce sales have increased over the last three years, primarily due to the pandemic, but now shoppers are leaning into the convenience of having packaged goods delivered. This puts sellers in a situation where they need to adjust their packaging processes to keep up with demand.

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Pregis Sharp bagger conveyor

Pregis partners with ProShip to help customers streamline their supply chain

With the significant – and seemingly never-ending – growth of e-commerce, improving efficiencies in the packaging, labeling, and shipping process is a must. With the labor challenges across warehouses and fulfillment centers, automation is proven to help relieve supply chain issues, increase shipping capacity, and cut down on time and labor. A win-win-win.

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As E-Commerce Booms, Automation Can Help Offset Warehouse Labor Shortages

Warehouses and distribution centers struggling to keep up with e-commerce demand in a weak labor market should look to automation for efficiency and savings.

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Pregis announces new film converting, equipment assembly facilities to support growth of its Sharp Packaging Systems brand

Pregis announces its new film converting facility in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, and new machinery assembly facility in Germantown, Wisconsin to meet growing e-commerce demands for its Sharp Packaging Systems® by Pregis brand of poly bagging solutions.

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Pregis announces new MAX-PRO 24 poly bagging system engineered to simplify operation, increase productivity

Pregis announces the North American launch of its Sharp Packaging Systems® MAX-PRO 24 continuous bagging system. This latest model in the MAX-PRO line can handle a wider range of products and bag sizes making it ideal for fulfillment operations with a broad e-commerce offering.

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Safety, Speed and Security: How Automation Boosts Throughput and Accuracy for Pharmaceutical Shippers

Retailers know the world of ecommerce is cutthroat and highly competitive. Online, a company’s reputation is only as good as its last delivery, and even a small error in service can quickly erode brand loyalty and retention. Still, the stakes are much higher for prescription drug providers, including pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). In the US, PBMs are third-party administrators of prescription drug programs for commercial health plans, self-insured employer plans, Medicare Part D plans, and government employee plans.

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Ready to Punch In: Automated Packaging Provides a Reliable Answer to Labor Shortage

Automation could raise global productivity growth by 0.8 to 1.4 percent annually and about half of all the activities people are paid to do in the world’s workforce could potentially be automated by adapting currently demonstrated technologies. Learn more about how packaging automation is becoming a very impactful solution for growing companies.

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