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There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to bringing home appliances to market. Touch points may include metal service centers, appliance manufacturers, parts distribution centers and retailers. The entire process of manufacturing, supply chain & shipping/transit open up vital product components to damage. These products and components need protection to ensure they can ultimately arrive in-store or on a consumer’s doorstep ready for installation & use.

Pregis offers a variety of protective packaging solutions to help manufacturers reduce costs, increase labor efficiency (and prevent rework) to increase total throughput and ultimately protect the bottom line.


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Making a Dream Home Come True Begins with Protective Packaging

Intensive labor, project management, and new materials drive construction costs higher than buying an existing home. Even though your customers are willing to pay more for what they want, they still may have tight budget constraints. Damage to materials and appliances doesn’t have to be the reason for going over budget. How can Pregis help?

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More Than a Feeling: The Appeal of Stainless Steel Protection Film

Do you love peeling plastic off new objects? Find out why, plus everything you need to know about stainless steel protection film

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Beautiful Modern Kitchen

(Not) scratching the surface: How to protect modern appliance finishes from the rigors of manufacturing, shipping, & storage

From touch controls and wireless connectivity to smart ranges and microwaves that synchronize cooking times, new technology has revolutionized modern appliances, allowing end users to embrace their inner chefs – and inner geeks. With so many different (and expensive) materials, technologies and finishes, the use of protective films during appliance manufacturing, storage and shipping has never been more important.

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Filmed on Location: Shielding Delicate Surfaces During Production and Shipping

When consumers see temporary protective film stuck to television screens, computer monitors, appliances and even carpeting, they might just see a glorified piece of tape. But, a lot of research goes into making that film durable and effective, and these days, it’s being asked to protect more complex surfaces than ever before.

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Protecting Fingerprint-Resistant Surfaces: Why Non-Traditional Surfaces Require Non-Traditional Protective Films

The crisp, modern look of stainless steel remains in high demand. In response, manufacturers are increasingly turning to fingerprint-resistant coatings that make appliances easier to keep clean and provide several other benefits, including glare reduction and a sleek look featuring colored tints, such as black stainless steel with a matte finish. The mystery of whose fingerprints smudged up the refrigerator door is hardly a complicated “who done it?” Everyone in the home is guilty as charged.

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Smart home appliance companies must invest in high-quality protective packaging

Smart home appliances often come with a hefty price tag. Homeowners are willing to pay for such items with the understanding that they’ll be in the home for several years to come. When such an investment is being made, homeowners look for appliances that are high quality, long-lasting and stylish.

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