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Integration Services

Integration Services by Pregis Application Engineering

At Pregis, we understand the complexity and scale of our clients’ operations and fulfillment environments. Because we understand that process, we’re able to simplify the challenges of our customers and seamlessly integrate our packaging solutions directly into existing pack lines and stations with semi-automated to fully automated packaging solutions with WMS integrations, predictive maintenance, and real-time reporting.

Productivity and Efficiency/ Automation

Pregis Application Engineers

To efficiently diagnose and solve our customers’ biggest challenges and opportunities within fulfillment, our team of application engineers follow a four-step process: DISCOVER, DESIGN, INTEGRATE, and OPTIMIZE.

Custom Integration Services

Custom fit for you.

You’ve got your fulfillment process designed—but what about the packaging? Whether you call us before or after fulfillment design, we can build custom solutions to fit packaging seamlessly into your everyday workflow.


  • Workstation integration and design
  • WMS/OMS integration expertise
  • On-site consultation


  • Ergonomic solutions for your employees
  • Maximize throughput
  • Reduce labor touch points

Fully Automated Integration

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