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Void Fill Paper Packaging

Commonly used in industrial manufacturing, shipping and packaging environments. Our range of recycled kraft, virgin, newsprint, bogus and tissue paper are available in a variety of paper grades and sizes.

Product Details



Recycled Kraft Paper: (available in Rolls & Sheets)

  • Ideal for packaging industries that want an economical & eco-friendly packing paper without compromising tear & burst strength
  • Available in 30#, 40#, 50# 60#, 70#, 80# and 90# paper weights
  • 100% recycled and recyclable paper
  • Untreated on both sides without waxing or coating



Virgin Kraft Paper:  (available in Rolls & Sheets)

  • Virgin Kraft is as versatile as Recycled Kraft, with the same industrial and household applications, but with added strength for higher protective needs
  • Available in 30#, 40#, 50# 60# paper weights


gray-bogus.jpgGray Bogus: (available in Rolls & Sheets)

  • The softest of the 100% recycled grades. Suitable for wrapping delicate items and offers comfortable handling for packers
  • In addition to being a versatile packaging application, Gray Bogus is well known as a crafty book cover solution.
  • Available in 30#, 50# and 70# paper weights


newsprint.jpgNewsprint: (available in Rolls & Sheets)

  • A clean, low-cost solution to cushion lightweight items when packing. Used heavily in the moving industry.
  • Available in 30#



newsprint.jpgTissue Paper

  • 100% recycled soft paper, most commonly seen in retail, is a cost-effective solution for wrapping or cushioning gifts, especially breakable or fragile items
  • Ready to use Tissue Paper Sheets are available as #1 or #4
  • Learn more about the on-demand Easypack Quantum system featuring Inspyre Custom Tissue Paper



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