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Mailer Box

Looking for the speed of a mailer with the protection of a small box? Introducing Mailer-Box, a self-sealing corrugated shipper that offers superior rigidity and protection without the cost and set up time of boxes. One material is all that’s needed to save time, save money and boost packaging efficiency.

Product Details

Available in 2 stock sizes

  • Small: 16" x 11" Sheets - 200/Case
  • Medium: 24" x 15" Sheets - 200/Case 

Customize Your Mailer-Box!

Branded Mailer-Box

  • Print up to 3 colors!

Custom Sizes Available

  • Adjust width, length, and height for your exact need.
  • Alter the position of the Easy Open Tear Strip 

How Mailer Box is Made

Mailer Box features a cohesive coated material that can be quickly sealed by hand or a simple table-top sealer, no need for tape or other packaging materials. Simply, place your product on Mailer Box, fold it in half and press to seal. Your package is ready to be labeled and shipped.

Uses for Mailer Box

The applications for Mailer Box everywhere. From E-commerce goods to industrial parts and supplies, Mailer Box is a quick, simple product to boost packaging efficiency for many products such as:

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