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IntelliPack® On-Demand Foam-in-Place Machines & Systems

On-demand foam or "foam-in-place" is made in real-time by combining two liquid foams in a bag or liner. The expandable foam packaging mixture rapidly surrounds the product creating a custom, protective mold.  IntelliPack systems feature the most cost-effective, time-efficient foam-in-place packaging technology in the industry. Only Pregis IntelliPack offers the advantages of foam-in-place with our 5 Degrees of Separation from the competition: telemetry, bar-coding, equipment design, customer focus and the advantage program.

Foam-in-Place/ IntelliPack Systems

Packing with Maxwell Intelligent Interface

Maxwell Intelligent Interface empowers packers to create foam cushions on demand. This simple, intuitive touchscreen allows for quick agile bag creation or programmable bag sequences with barcoding that dispenses the exact sequence of bags for ideal product protection every time. Telemetry and reporting functionality measures consistent usage, run rates, and predictive maintenance so that liquid foam can be ordered and maintenance scheduled in advance to maximize uptime.

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5 Degrees of Separation 



IntelliPack’s cellular telemetry automatically collects, monitors and measures critical information, such as liquid foam and film usage, temperature, pressure and other system parameters each time the equipment is operated. This data is monitored remotely through Pregis’ proprietary PX3 technical service platform.


Enables operations with diverse product lines to deliver consistent packaging protection.  The process is simple, automatic and ensures your products are protected with the right amount of liquid foam and film every time:

Equipment Design

The equipment, parts and accessories design optimizes ergonomics, ease of use and productivity

Customer Focus

At Pregis, customers are our first priority. We work hard to remain flexible and to deliver the right product, superior service and the knowledgeable support that our customers deserve.


We'll create a custom program specifically to fit your needs with no up-front investment.  Plus we offer installation, training and on-going support to make sure your packaging operation is up and running!





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