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EasyPack® Quantum™ Pro

Enhance your packing process with the Pregis EasyPack® Quantum™ Pro paper void-fill system. Designed for high throughput, its innovative blade-less auto-tear technology enables swift packing. Featuring the patented floating head design, the Quantum Pro upholds the reliability of its predecessors by virtually eliminating jams.

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Elevate your packaging efficiency with the Pregis EasyPack Quantum Pro, where safety meets rapid, seamless void fill.

Sustainable packaging solution

  • 100% recycled, curbside recyclable paper solution
  • Offerings include FSC® certified paper

Boost efficiency

  • Enhances throughput, perfect for high-volume operations
  • Holds 5 bundles (500 ft3) of packaging, reducing changeovers
  • Feature auto-tear technology to simply grab and pack

Enhance safety

  • Blade-less design with no exposed parts for maximum packer safety
  • Telescoping head improves ergonomics

User friendly design

  • Quick and easy loading
  • Patented floating head virtually eliminates jams
  • Simple interface with manual and automatic options

Introducing the Easypack® Quantum™ Pro

Auto-Tear Technology - Grab and Pack Reliable - Virtually Jam Free Packer Centric - Simple Interface

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