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AirSpeed® ChamberPak

This robust packaging solution keeps​ a series of adjoining tubes securely inflated to protect products during shipment​. By arriving deflated, ChamberPak provides space savings, reduces warehouse and handling costs, increases shelf utilization at packing stations.​​​

Product Details

This robust packaging option is clear, allowing customers to identify its contents without having to remove products.  Perfect for electronics, toner cartridges, wine and spirits, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and more!​​

​Superior Protection: 

  • LDPE film with nylon barrier​ retains air pressure and performance for over a year
  • With patented one-way valves, if one air chamber is punctured, the others remain inflated

Environmentally Sound:

  • Reduces the total amount of solid waste vs. molded EPS and foam related materials
  • Outer packaging size can be reduced to save materials and reduce waste

Total Packaging Savings:

  • Lower manufacturing costs compared to other engineered packaging
  • Less material means a smaller cube, reducing shipping costs
  • Space savings, reduces warehouse and handling costs
  • One-step process reduces production line labor costs
  • Reduces damages and replacement costs

Customizable: Our packaging engineers will design an option for your specific application!

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