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Astro-Foam® Polyethylene Sheet Foam

Astro-Foam® polyethylene sheet foam is an easy-to-use protective packaging solution ideal for diverse industries and applications. Its tear-resistant material can protect heavy items or those with sharp edges. Astro-Foam is a cost effective, versatile and resilient option which satisfies a wide range of performance needs.

Product Details

PE foam performs many protective functions including cushioning, abrasion resistance, interleaving, wrapping, and surface protection. Thicker foams may also be used for blocking and bracing during shipment.

PE foam is extremely versatile and is commonly used in agriculture, automotive, building, furniture, ecommerce and cold chain applications. 

  • Tear resistant – great for items with sharp edges
  • High cushioning and compression strength
  • Minimizes shock and vibration during transport
  • Flexible and resilient material that is easy to use and re-use
  • Non-abrasive to surfaces
  • Highly resistant against water, fungus and dust

Available in a variety thicknesses. Options include anti-static, adhesive and laminated. Available as sheets, pouches, bags or on rolls.

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