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AirSpeed® Ascent

Pregis AirSpeed Ascent high-pressure air cushioning system produces AirSpeed Hybrid Cushioning (HC) for maximum product protection. HC’s proprietary square pattern provides more surface area and superior to absorb shock and vibration in transit. This high-performance, compact system increases throughput and creates consistent, premium protection.

Product Details

Smart Logic

  • Calibrates optimal system settings as each roll of HC is loaded onto the Ascent
  • Eliminates variability and human error
  • Ensures consistent HC with peak protection 

Higher Throughput

  • Makes HC at up to 100 feet per minute

Energy Efficient

  • Sleep/Wake mode saves power during off-hours

Patented Sealing Technology

  • Stronger, more reliable seals

No Wearable Parts

  • More uptime, less service!

Ultimate Product Protection

  • HC's superior air retention guarantees a lower damage rate

Designed to Protect Packers

  • No exposed parts

Simple User Interface

  • Start/Stop design, no system adjustments required!
  • Load and Go in Seconds!

Compact Design - 40% Lighter!

Introducing / AirSpeed Ascent
Ascent Hero

Experience AirSpeed® Ascent Performance

The packaging system that will elevate your brand perception. Pregis’ new high-pressure air system is now available! Be the first to pack with the AirSpeed Ascent. Get in touch with our experts.


Hybrid Cushioning

Cushioning Squared, Exponential Protection

The proprietary square pattern looks amazing and keeps items from "bottoming-out" to prevent damage. The square pattern has more surface area than competitive circular cushioning, providing more surface area to better cradle and cushion products during transit.

HC is made from low-density polyethylene, hybrid cushioning delivers unrivaled protection, a premium aesthetic consumers prefer and space savings as one pallet of HC is the equivalent of almost one-and-a-half truckloads of bubble!

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