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AirSpeed® HC Inspyre

Pregis Inspyre™ packaging gives brand owners the power to create an unforgettable connection with their customers during the unboxing experience. HC Inspyre is tinted water blue to signify the charitable contribution Pregis makes to Uzima Clean Water Mission for each roll of film sold.

Product Details

With fewer chances to physically connect with consumers, it’s imperative for brands to capitalize on opportunities to make a lasting impression – let the unboxing experience be your brand’s statement on how you care for your customers. Inspyre your customers to share and recommend your products!

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Exponential Protection!

  • HC provides superior cushioning because its proprietary square pattern offers more surface area and can redistributor the shock of drops and vibration from parcel shipping
  • HC's squared design fits perfectly inside of a box which keeps items from bottoming out
  • Air-transfer technology absorbs impact, again and again, providing consistent protection throughout a ship cycle 



  • Curate the ultimate unboxing experience
  • Match your brand palette to your packaging to deliver a “wow-factor” to your customer
  • Consumers are more likely to share and recommend products to friends, family and social media if they are wrapped in unique packages


Consumer Preferred:

  • Inspyre HC is perceived as premium packaging, adding value to your product
  • Consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from eCommerce brands that use premium packaging
  • Proprietary square pattern offers a clean aesthetic consumers prefer
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