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Pregis Purpose Awards

Pregis was founded with a mission: to protect the most valuable commodities, whether that be our customers’ packages, or our planet. This mission gave birth to our commitment to helping create and nurture the circular economy, and to act as a model of sustainable business practices. Over the next decade, we hope that many more companies around the world embrace that commitment.

The Pregis Purpose Awards are built on the work that Pregis has done internally to measure and track our own progress towards greater sustainability, and aligned with our company’s 2K30 Mission: a set of actionable, measurable goals we hope to achieve over the next decade. They were created to recognize and honor our partners who make the same dedication we have to make the world a better place: through sustainability initiatives and practices, corporate stewardship, and community improvement.


The Preserve Award

The Pregis Preserve Award celebrates our partners that are helping us reach our 2K30 goal of preventing 15 million new trees from being harvested.

Sustainable sourcing is a critical component of a greener future. Saving trees creates positive ripples that have an outsized impact on climate, pollution reduction, and quality of life. This initiative will save almost 35,000 acres of forest (about 20,000 soccer/futbol/Fußball fields), and help absorb 5,760,000,000 lbs of CO2.

To reach a more sustainable future, companies need to take responsibility not just for their products and practices, but for the products and practices they support. By committing to using ethical, sustainable suppliers for their packaging, our partners are choosing to lead sustainability efforts globally, and are working towards a better future for everyone.


Trees Saved by Pregis Easypack

In 2019, we received a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Chain of Custody, FSC Recycled certification, recognizing Easypack as an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable solution for protecting the world’s forests. This award-winning, innovative packaging solution is used widely in e-commerce, furniture, automotive, and other industries to protect deliveries, along with the environment.


Easypack is
100% eco-friendly:













When our customers use Easypack, they’re providing maximum protection for their packages while saving trees from being harvested to make more paper. This preserves renewable resources and prevents unnecessary reships from damages and reduces CO2 emissions. Switching to Easypack is one of the fastest ways to noticeably reduce your impact on the environment.

The paper is fully recyclable for further re-use, but in the event that any actually makes it to the landfill, it will biodegrade completely within a matter of months.

These Pregis customers are dedicated to preserving the forests of the world, by reducing the number of trees that are harvested each year, and protecting them from waste contamination. They have collectively contributed to our collective 2K30 goal to save 15 million new trees from harvest:


The Inspyre Award

The Pregis Inspyre Award celebrates our partners that are helping us reach our 2K30 goal of positively impacting 25 Million lives.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility aren't important because it makes for good taglines or marketing, but because it helps real people. When our partners use Inspyre products, they do so because they believe that helping people comes first, and that their business needs to be directly linked to making people’s lives better. Helping others gives Pregis and our partners purpose.

Being a great brand is about more than just sales and profits. It’s about using our position to improve lives and make the world a better place. Pregis is committed to being a good corporate citizen, and we celebrate and are “inspyred” by our partners who make the same commitment.



Lives Changed by Inspyre™ Clean Water Partnership

A portion of every sale of Pregis’ AirSpeed® HC Inspyre or Inspyre™ Paper goes directly to the UZima Clean Water Mission, a non-profit organization that provides life-changing water filters to communities facing water scarcity around the world.




Lack of access to clean and safe drinking water:


785 Million

People Impacted




waterborne illnesses is

world's leading cause of death 


Perpetuates cycles

of poverty


When our customers use products from the Inspyre portfolio, they help UZima cover the costs of manufacturing water filters, distribute them to communities in need, and track the impact of their work. To date, our customers have helped over 50,000 people gain access to clean and safe drinking water. Switching to Inspyre™ can uplift thousands more every year.

These Pregis customers are dedicated to tangibly improving the conditions that people live in around the world. They have contributed to our collective 2K30 goal to positively impact 25 million lives:

We are directing all of our sustainability and CSR initiatives to accomplish our ambitious 2030 goals.

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