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Packaging Solutions for Third-Party Logistics

Third-party logistics are changing the way companies get products in the hands of customers, from consumer retail to automotive. For over 50 years, Pregis has supported fulfilment centers and supply chain service providers. Now, we bring that experience, cutting edge innovation, and dedication to today’s modern 3PLs.

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Endless Peak Season

Holiday-season shipping levels have become the new norm, driving online retailers to outsource fulfillment to 3PLs.

As e-commerce experts, Pregis can help you meet or exceed your customers’ high-volume KPIs.

Congested, Complex Parcel Networks

The parcel network is a key component in many 3PL strategies – which means it’s vital to understand how a package can be impacted physically, and through evolving shipping requirements and surcharges.  

Pregis’ ISTA-certified Design & Testing services provide tailored packaging solutions engineered to ensure your customers’ products are able to confidently traverse the parcel network  – free of damage, and with costs and sustainability in mind. 

Unprecedented Disruption

Companies are pivoting into online and omnichannel sales at breakneck speed to meet the needs of the market.

Pregis provides comprehensive training programs to keep fulfillment employees ahead of the chaos. 

Growing Pains

The fruits of rapid expansion will get lost if the customer experience is forgotten in the process. 

With our consultative approach, Pregis ensures seamless and scalable integrations, and a consistent, premium unboxing experience — no matter where it’s fulfilled in your network.

Product Variability = Fulfillment & Shipping Chaos

Your packaging solutions need to be as diverse as your customers and their products.

Pregis’ market-driven solutions portfolio is extensive — from cushioning to void fill, and everything in between.

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Trusted Packaging & Consulting For 3PLs

Pregis has operated from the center of the packaging, shipping, and fulfillment industries for half a century. As a partner, we offer a steady and experienced hand to help 3PLs overcome any and every challenge they encounter in serving their customers.

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 Prevent product damages to reduce emissions and unnecessary landfill waste from re-shipping.

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 Tailor protective solutions to your exact needs and ensure you hit pivotal KPIs for your customers.

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Experience world-class guidance on creating optimal pick, pack & ship ecosystems for your fulfillment centers.

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Position your company as a leader in omnichannel commerce within your customers’ markets.

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Case Study: 3PL Experiences Dramatic Improvement With Pregis

With Pregis’ automated paper, air, and bagging systems, the 3PL increased productivity, reduced waste and material costs, and lowered damage rates.

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