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Packaging for Third-Party Logistics

Businesses are increasingly looking to Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers to serve their evolving list of supply chain needs. 3PLs are tasked with improving a company’s overall efficiency, cutting costs, and ensuring products arrive on time and fully intact. Customers are entrusting 3PLs to serve as an extension of their brand. The stakes have never been higher to provide a premium experience. That means it’s imperative for 3PLs to surround themselves with strategic partners that are truly reliable and bring value to the table.

Pregis’ comprehensive portfolio of protective packaging can help 3PLs deliver on their promise to customers. From inside-the-box protection, to automated mailing & bagging, these solutions can help 3PLs increase throughput, reduce product damages and enhance the customer experience during the fulfillment/shipping process.

Beyond solutions, Pregis offers unprecedented guidance and expertise:

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Prevent product damages to avoid re-shipping emissions and unnecessary landfill waste

go green

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Tailor protective solutions to your exact needs and ensure you hit pivotal KPIs for your customers

Analyze it

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Create optimal pick, pack and ship ecosystems within your fulfillment centers

Optimize It

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Position yourself as an industry insider and thought leader within your customers’ markets

LeaD the way

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