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Pregis PolyMask™: Protective Films for Any Application

In order to meet the needs of a variety of customers in a variety of industries, Pregis PolyMask protective films can be outfitted with a few different kinds of adhesive:

  • Water-based: environmentally friendly and water-soluble, these adhesives create film that is quickly and easily removed
  • Solvent-based: films with this kind of adhesive are resistant to aging and are convenient for the end-user to remove, produced using acrylic acid and an organic solvent
  • Rubber-based: with a high cohesion and little residual glue, rubber-based adhesive is perfect for protective film applications and can use both natural and synthetic rubber
  • Adhesiveless: with a low tack level and no adhesive transfer on surfaces, adhesiveless films use a proprietary process that embeds the adhesive compound directly into the polyethylene-based coextrusion

No two surfaces are the same, which is why Pregis PolyMask films come in a variety of adhesives, materials, gauges, lengths, widths, and tack to cater to any customer.


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Protective Films for Any Application

Planes, trains, and automobiles (and rockets, boats, busses, and RVs) have some similarities, including challenges in their protection needs. Pregis PolyMask products meet every one of these difficulties head-on. Pregis PolyMask can be formulated to protect during manufacturing or transportation, and for external or internal use.

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Pregis hasn’t just worked with metals manufacturers to produce numerous protective films for metal applications. We’ve worked with metal manufacturing machine makers to ensure our formulations function in tandem with your processes and can be integrated into any process with minimal production disruption and maximum protection. Pregis PolyMask comes in specific applications for coated and architectural metals, uncoated metals, appliances, and everything in between — from everyday metals to exotic space-age alloys.

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Plastics have revolutionized the modern world, but with hundreds of thousands of molecular compositions, they’ve also complicated the job of protecting products during and after manufacturing. And now, advances in treatments and thermoforming for plastics are demanding even more from the protective plastic films they use. Pregis Polymask has adapted to these rapidly changing conditions, with formulations ranging from the cutting-edge Phantom Mask to tried-and-true approaches to thousands of problems. Plastics are the future, and Pregis PolyMask is the future of plastics protection.

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Building and construction protection needs range from early manufacturing and transport, to final customer-visible applications, and across a variety of materials and shapes. Protective films need to stand up to the rigors of construction, remain adhered while being assaulted by the elements but still peel off with no residue or leftover adhesive. Pregis PolyMask ensures countertops and roofing shingles get to the building site in one piece, install with no damage, and then peel off clean to look their best for end users.

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Appliances, whether in the home or at a plant, have unique challenges. They are often composed of multiple types of materials — plastic and metal, wood and plastic, ceramic and metal — and come in a huge and complex variety of surface coatings to make them appealing to consumers. And that’s not even counting the complex manufacturing and assembly process that can see parts shipped to a final assembler from tens of different manufacturers and plants, needing uniform protection for each separate component. Pregis brings a deep understanding of adhesive formulations to the Pregis PolyMask line for appliances, ensuring no matter how mixed the material or complex the journey, the final product arrives to customers looking its best.

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