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Packaging Solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods 

Traditionally, CPG companies invested heavily in designing attractive, eye catching primary packaging to command premium shelf space and brand loyalty.  As ecommerce changes the way consumers purchase and experience your brands, this is shifting how you connect with customers.  Your packaging decisions now must account for the retail shelf as well as surviving the parcel shipping network.  With the rise of the direct to consumer channels, the time to make this shift is now. 

At Pregis, we know the demands of the parcel network and design protective packaging solutions that can sustain the journey and help you protect your brand promise (and profits).  Our vast portfolio of packaging materials allow you to quickly and cost effectively enter this new channel and amplify the brands you’ve worked so hard to build.

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Unboxing Expectations: How Product Packaging Affects Customer Emotions

Even when customers know the contents of a package they’ve just received, the giddy sense of anticipation they feel when unboxing it can provide a rush like pulling the lever of a slot machine or scratching off a lottery ticket. Their order has finally arrived, and they can’t wait to have a look at it.

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