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IntelliPack® SmartShot™ & SmartShot™ Hybrid

When your foam-in-place operation requires a handheld touch use the SmartShot or SmartShot Hybrid. Both systems allow for manual dispensing of foam for cushioning or blocking and bracing products during the shipping and handling process. For added flexibility the SmartShot Hybrid allows the operator to toggle between producing on-demand foam bags and handheld dispensing.

Product Details

This compact foam-on-demand system makes filling previously hard to reach voids a breeze.  Plus the added flexibility of the SmartShot Hybrid make this a great option for a variety of packaging needs.


  • Tapered dispenser allows easy navigation, filling narrow or odd sized spaces
  • Insulated handle stays cool for operator comfort

 Superior Design:

  • Heated dispenser ensures consistent flow of foam from first to last shot
  • Long lasting mixing module is easily and quickly cleaned increasing uptime
  • IntelliPack liquids are stored in clear containers allowing you to visually see the amount of liquid remaining; prevents over-ordering and downtime


  •  Hand-held/bagging options all in one machine! Package a wide variety of products with one piece of equipment
  • Choose from multiple film widths for hand held mode and 3 bag sizes when running in hybrid mode


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