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The MINI PAK'R® was specifically designed for areas where space is at a premium, such as compact pack stations, ship-from-store retailers and small business owners. This simple to operate, compact on-demand air cushion system will enhance both your packaging operation and customer experience by increasing efficiencies and reducing damages. Perfect for small businesses.

Product Details

Save Time, Save Space, Save Money with AirSpeed® MINI PAK'R by Pregis.

Save Time

Easy to operate: Using RFID technology, the MINI PAK'R automatically selects the right seal temperature, airflow and seal pressure for every film.

Simple to Load: The film loading is easy with the MINI PAK'R system and takes just seconds.

Efficient: The MINI PAK'R operates at speeds up to 25 feet per minute.

Save Space

Compact System: Small tabletop unit can also be mounted to maximize space!

Small Footprint: 1 roll of inflatable film produces thousands of feet of protective air cushions.

Save Money

Reduce Damage Claims: Lightweight air cushions with air transfer technology to reduce shipping and damage claims.

Versatile: Five different film configurations - standard void-fill, blocking and bracing, wrapping and cushioning - ensures your products make it to your customers the same way they left your store or warehouse.


Comparison: Pregis Air Systems



How2Pack/ Inflatable Packaging
MINI PAK'R® Quilt Medium is used to pack a small jar.

How2Pack with MINI PAK'R

Learn how to protect your products with MINI PAK'R by Pregis. Whether you require standard void fill, blocking and bracing, wrapping or interleaving we have the right packaging for every product and application.

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