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Packaging Solutions for Automotive & Transportation

In the world of automotive and transportation every high-value part, component and surface is packaged and protected as it makes its way thru tiered parts suppliers, assembly lines, vehicle transit and even the show room floor. Pregis provides a wide range of protective packaging solutions that will help you drive down costs, fuel production efficiency and ensure you a zero defect supply chain. So whatever you need, we have you covered.

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The Best Packaging Solution for Just-In-Time Small Parts Manufacturers

This year has had its share of challenges for manufacturers of all kinds, but companies that offer just-in-time (JIT) custom small parts manufacturing have been hit particularly hard by supply chain and shipping delays and labor shortages. All on the heels of a worldwide pandemic that halted most production industries and shocked the hiring pool resulting in fewer qualified candidates.

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protective film being placed on black car fender

Case Study: PolyMask Protective Film Provides over $100k In Savings for Automotive Client

In February of 2020, complaints started coming in from an automotive facility where final component assembly takes place. A serious quality issue occurred when the temporary protective film the supplier was using overlapped the mounting holes on the fender.

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How to Find Efficiencies in Automotive Packaging When Labor Markets Are Tight

Automotive markets are under pressure due to supply constraints and labor shortages. Efficient Pregis packaging solutions can help offset some of those costs.

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How Protective Packaging Can Help Auto Manufacturers Navigate a Fragile Supply Chain

For shippers, creating a more balanced automobile supply chain while supporting an increase in car sales means installing measures for limiting waste and damage.

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How RV Trends Are Impacting Auto Part Markets

RV popularity is on the rise. Here’s how manufacturers can maximize profitability by safely shipping RV auto parts to repair centers.

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