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Our customers are at the heart of our business and we understand that any amount of down time impacts your business. Our approach to service is two-fold: we proactively monitor your packaging machines through our proprietary PX3 software platform to schedule routine maintenance. And in the event of an immediate need, our field technicians are quickly dispatched to assist you.


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  • Proactive monitoring of packaging machines though our proprietary PX3 system
  • Local Pregis field service teams—located near you to maximize uptime
  • Service Hotline for immediate support - 866.904.6979
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  • Less downtime due to proactive preventative maintenance
  • Peace of mind that comes from knowing we are always on call
Parts & Service Requests Click the button below or call 866.904.6979

Predictive Technology

Remember what it was like before your car told you it needed an oil change? And if the sticker happened to fall off your windshield it was anybody’s guess as to when to get the next oil change. While car maintenance has advanced throughout the decades, many industrial machines maintenance programs have not.  At Pregis, we've advanced our equipment technology across the IntelliPack foam-in-place, Easypack paper cushioning and select Sharp bagging platforms with smart features that maximize uptime. 

Pregis' predictive technology is powered by Maxwell!  Maxwell's intelligent interface empowers users to control and manage all aspects of the packaging operation.  

Our integrated software and remote monitoring systems proactively work to reduce and eliminate machine downtown, so you can stay focused on what matters to your business like keeping packages flying out the door.

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