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EverTec™ Cushioned Mailer

Meet the EverTec Cushioned Mailer. Durable 2-ply paper construction on the outside with uniquely resilient cushioning on the inside - the perfect combination to guarantee your products are properly protected en route to their destination. The best part? These brandable mailers are curbside recyclable!


Curbside Recyclable

EverTec Cushioned Mailers are deemed 'curbside recyclable' by the Western Michigan University Old Corrugated Container Equivalency test protocol and designated as 'Widely Recyclable' by How2Recycle.


Reliable Durability

Designed with the parcel network in mind, these mailers have double-walled kraft paper construction to ensure maximum strength.


Resilient Protection

Our unique curbside recyclable cushioning material is designed to handle the stress of transportation, meaning it can't be deflated or crushed so you can rest easy knowing your products will be protected.


Digital Print

Looking to make a branding splash? We've got you! The EverTec Cushioned Mailer is available with 4-color digital print to bring your customer experience to the next level.


Faster and Smaller Than Boxes!

Packing with EverTec Cushioned Mailers is up to FOUR TIMES FASTER than assembling and packing a box! Not only that, but these mailers take up much less of your valuable floor space!


EverTec Cushioned Mailers

Variable sizes | Cushioned protection | Lightweight

Size Exterior:
Flap Closed
Interior Typical Weight
CM-0 7” x 9”  6" x 9" .54 
CM-2 12” x 9”  11" x 9" .95 
CM-4 14” x 9”  13" x 9" 1.06 
CM-5 12” x 15”  11" x 15" 1.48 
CM-6 14” x 18”  13" x 18" 1.98 





evertec cushioned mailers in different sizes

Product Details

  • Revolutionary cushioning – EverTec utilizes revolutionary lightweight cushioning which enables easy curbside recycling while providing superior protection

  • Premium damage protection – Cushioned construction with strong bottom and side heat sealing, cushions the package for high-impact resistance.

  • Right-sized for shipping – Variable sizes to accommodate the widest range of items and fit more right-sized packages on every truck.

  • Ultra-efficient box replacement – HALF the effort of manual box applications, increasing warehouse efficiency.

  • Durable "Everlasting" performance – Highly puncture resistant, with flexible “give” to protect the precious cargo through every last trip.

  • Easy to recycle – Slam-dunk these padded mailers into recycling bins to restart the cycle of green enterprise, mailing worldwide.

  • True "Evergreen" solution – Eliminates landfill waste by reducing damaged items, and creates a circular recycling stream, protecting what's inside and out.



Durable Design with Proven Reduction in Damages

Shake it, stack it, drop it or drench it - EverTec padded mailer demonstrates everlasting performance, protecting what’s on the inside with equal protection to the outside. 


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Looking for a curbside recyclable mailer for non-fragile items?

Check out the EverTec™ non-cushioned mailer.

NON-Cushioned mailers


clothes inside an evertec non-cushioned mailer
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