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Coiler Lite for Packmaster Pro

Paper coils are an effective way of protecting fragile and heavy products. However, creating coils by hand can be difficult, time consuming and deliver inconsistent results. The Pregis Coiler Lite rapidly produces consistent coils with ease. Its small footprint maximizes your work space and protects your team with its safety features.

Product Details

The Pregis Coiler Lite is used in conjunction with the Pregis Packmaster Pro.

Consistent Quality:  It is built to the same robust quality and reliability standards Pregis is known for. The Coiler Lite has a unique control system that automatically adjusts its speed. This results in a uniform level of protection from a uniformly formed coil.

Space Saving: The operator is protected by internal safety features and not cumbersome guarding. This results in a machine with the best access and smallest footprint in its class. The Coiler Lite will fit into your existing work environment!

Packer Friendly: Minimal training is required due to the simple, intuitive interface. Your team can concentrate on packing, not troubleshooting.

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