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Packaging Solutions for Building & Construction

Are you constructing a new home or building? Maybe remodeling the interior or installing new windows? We can help! Builders, building supply retailers and even home goods retailers need to protect their products and work environments up front from damage, dirt and contamination through all that they encounter. Reduce the costs and time associated with repairs, rework and replacement goods upfront with the right protective packaging product from Pregis.

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Making a Dream Home Come True Begins with Protective Packaging

Intensive labor, project management, and new materials drive construction costs higher than buying an existing home. Even though your customers are willing to pay more for what they want, they still may have tight budget constraints. Damage to materials and appliances doesn’t have to be the reason for going over budget. How can Pregis help?

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An Uptick in Building and Construction Requires Protecting Critical Components — Here’s Why

With more people living and working under the same roof than ever before, many are realizing the need to reconfigure their spaces for their new lives. For the construction industry, home building and renovating will equate to an uptick in demand for materials — and ultimately, these materials will need to be protected at every stage, from manufacturing to shipping and storage.

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Polymask Protective Film Rolls

Solvent & Rubber Adhesive-based Protective Films Engineered to Safeguard Your Critical Surfaces

Take a look around you. We are surrounded by surfaces that are manufactured with different finishes, and composed of a wide array of materials – from your car’s immaculate paint, to the stainless-steel refrigerator in your kitchen. Before these items and materials ended up in your home, or parked in your garage, they started their journey from a manufacturing facility and then worked their way through a supply chain.

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From Fixtures to Flooring: The Construction Industry Depends on Protective Packaging

The construction industry depends on Protective Packaging. Crews must remain on task and productive, they need their materials to arrive at the jobsite quickly, efficiently and undamaged. Prime construction season is in full bloom, and industry analysts expect it to be another busy one.

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