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HC Renew

HC Renew provides premium cushioning for light-medium products with short ship cycles. HC Renew is Pregis’ the most sustainable high pressure inflatable packaging. It was made for the circular economy using recycled-content and can be recycled at store-drop off locations.

Product Details

HC Renew is Pregis' most sustainable HC film blend. It's the only high-pressure inflatable cushioning solution on the market that is recyclable at store drop-off locations. This product is perfect for light and medium weight products that require extra cushioning but have shorter ship cycles of 1-6 days.


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Power of the Square

  • HC provides superior cushioning because its proprietary square pattern offers more surface area and can redistributor the shock of drops and vibration from parcel shipping
  • HC's squared design fits perfectly inside of a box which keeps items from bottoming out
  • Air-transfer technology absorbs impact, again and again, providing consistent protection throughout a ship cycle 





  • The only high-pressure inflatable cushioning solution that is recyclable at store-drop off locations
  • Made with a minimum of 30% recycled content
  • Green tint indicates sustainability and encourages recycling with consumers


Product Availability

  • Width 12" / Loft  3/4", 1"

HC Renew Loft Chart.JPG

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