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The Pregis Purpose

2022 Sustainability Report

Pregis is guided by three core principles that make up the Pregis Purpose: Protect, Preserve, and Inspyre.

We recognize our crucial role within the value chain, from the materials we utilize in our products to the impact that protecting products throughout the manufacturing and transit process plays in helping companies meet their sustainability objectives.  We are also keenly aware and passionate about our impact on people – from our employees that are moving us forward to the workers that user our products in their daily processes down to the very consumers that are focused on a healthy planet and future for all. 

These commitments have culminated in the establishment of our 2K30 sustainability goals. These goals serve as a catalyst for tangible action, involving our dedicated employees, visionary leadership, valued customers, and industry partners.  At Pregis, we are united in achieving these seven pivotal milestones by the year 2030. As we continue to actively shape the circular economy, we are proud to share the progress of the past year within our annual Sustainability and ESG report.

Here are a few highlights from 2022:

  • Appointed Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Expanded the dedicated sustainability team with the addition of customer-facing resources and a leader responsible for driving progress within global operations
  • Achieved 20.9% emissions intensity reduction (vs. 2019 baseline), nearing the 2030 goal of 25% reduction
  • Made significant progress in zero-waste goal with 89% of solid waste diverted from landfill and incineration through focused efforts on internal and external recycling
  • Earned 56% of revenues from products that are recyclable, reusable, or compostable
  • Saved 595,916 trees from harvest through the growth of Pregis EasyPack® 100% recycled paper portfolio
  • Received ISCC+ certification at three facilities for the incorporation of certified circular resins in film-based products
  • Invested $2MM in capital projects in support of sustainability roadmap. Pregis has exceeded the 2K30 goal of investing $15MM in circular, scalable and sustainable infrastructure
  • Positively impacted 93,923 lives via philanthropic programs including Pregis Inspyre™ product sales and employee engagement
  • Scaled participation in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) dedicated to Veterans and Women
  • Delivered approximately 82 hours of training per employee with over 200 hours focused on sustainability
  • Commissioned and published a study on how companies are establishing, prioritizing and implementing sustainability with the goal to help companies close the gap

Sustainability and social responsibility have always been a part of our DNA at Pregis, and this annual Sustainability report helps celebrate progress towards our goals. It is also a commitment to science-based reduction targets that are aligned to net zero, our climate pledge commitment and near term 2K30 emissions reduction targets.

We continue to look deeply at the sustainability efforts, social and community service, and governance programs we have in place to identify ways to accelerate our ongoing efforts to make a greater impact.  At Pregis, we take our Promise for sustainability and social responsibility seriously and are excited to share the impact of our work. 

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Pregis Purpose goals were established to in accordance with applicable United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Click here to view the correlation between the UN SDGs and the Pregis 2k30 goals.

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