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As a provider of packaging solutions, Pregis understands the challenges our customers go through on a daily basis.  With the rise of the gig economy it's increasingly challenging to find good, dependable labor.  And as employee tenure is reduced, the cost to efficiently and effectively train replacements become increasingly expensive. That's why we created Pregis 360 Support, our VR training platform that fully engages employees delivering higher retention over a longer period of time compared to traditional training methods. With Pregis 360 Support we can help expedite training, redeploy personnel and create packing consistency to reduce costly damages.

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Why VR Works/ 360 Training

A Non-VR Video to Explain VR Training

This video may not be as memorable as a VR experience, but hopefully you were part of the 53% that stayed focused from beginning to end.

Why Virtual Reality Training Works

Training with VR is what's called active learning.  The trainee is fully emersed in the 360 training for a more engaged and stimulating expereince that is similar to activities like exploring, analyzing and creating.  That high engagement level  imprints the training and commits it to memory for far higher retention rates than passive training techniques like a lecture or a standard training video.

We've got you covered

You may not require virtual reality training, but that doesn't mean you won't get Pregis' world class support.  Our innovative behavior reinforcement techniques will help deliver consistent use of packaging, product protection and customer experience.  Training includes:

  • Out of the box or custom how to guides, user manuals and placards
  • Conventional training videos
  • On-site employee training and educational seminars



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