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PolyMask® SprayMask

Pregis PolyMask® SprayMask paint and spray booth film solutions offer the highest level of performance at a more competitive price than others in the market.

Product Details

  • Multi-layer structure and easy application/removal makes for quick clean up
  • Non-slip design delivers a high level of safety
  • Premium durability provides extended usage
Film Layers
Adhesive Adhesion Level Color Dimensions(oz) Applications
PP 4-ply Water High Clear 36"x275' Walls
LDPE 4-ply Water Medium Clear 18"x137' (25" perf) Lights and windows
PP 1-ply Water High White 36"x500' Flooring
Layers 4-ply 4-ply 1-ply
Adhesive Water Water Water
Adhesion Level
High Medium High
Clear Clear White
36"x275' 18"x137' (25" perf) 36"x500'
Walls Lights & Windows Flooring
Request a Sample Free sample? Yes, please! We've got you covered and one of our technicians can help formulate a custom solution just for your needs.