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Sustainable Packaging Products

Navigating sustainability innitiatives can be both complex and challenging for a company of any size. At Pregis, we're commited to guiding our packaging partners through the sustainability process. Our sustainability experts use the Pregis Ecogauge assessment tool to help you build a packaging portfolio that will protect your products, delight your customers, and help you and your company meet sustainability goals.

What is Sustainable Packaging, and why is it important?

When people think of Sustainable Packaging, most of the time they first consider products that include sustainable materials such as biodegradable or recyclable components. While the materials are important, they are only a piece of a large puzzle that is sustainable packaging. At Pregis we examine the entire packaging lifecycle to help build sustainable solutions.

  1. How many returns come back every year?
  2. Do your customers know what to do with the protective packaging they receive?
  3. Are you using the appropriate amount of protective material? Too much? Not enough?

These are only a few aspects we examine with our Pregis Ecogauge tool. Our experts combine the knowledge we gain from Ecogauge with our certified testing capablities at the Pregis Innovation Headquarters (IQ) to develop sustainable solutions.

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Discover the Pregis Purpose

Pregis is committed to driving sustainable initiatives and leading the packaging industry into a circular economy. Watch the video to see how Pregis works to Protect, Preserve, and Inspyre.

Get a free Ecogauge Assessment Pregis will help you measure your current sustainability efforts and help guide you towards making a positive difference for both you and your customers.

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