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Pregis Debuts Air and Paper Packaging Innovations at Pack Expo

Visit Pregis Booth #S-3834 for Inside the Box Solutions

Pregis®, a leading global manufacturer of flexible packaging and protective packaging solutions, is featuring its latest innovations in air and paper solutions at Pack Expo 2022. The newest on-demand systems for cushioning, void-fill, and wrapping solutions are on display at Pregis Booth #S-3834.


Pregis Easypack® GeoTerra™ wrappable solution: Introduced this summer, GeoTerra is a curbside recyclable paper solution that provides light cushioning and interleaving for fragile products, such as glassware, cosmetics, candles, and jarred food products. Made from recyclable Kraft paper, GeoTerra expands during dispensing, forming a lattice structure that nests together to secure products in place, providing all-around protection without the need for tape, increasing efficiency and convenience.


Pregis Easypack Quantum™ Pro void fill system: Launching early 2023, the Quantum Pro is designed to meet the needs of high-volume, centralized packing environments. This on-demand system features a patented technology that virtually eliminates paper jams and an innovative, bladeless auto-tear capability enabling packers to efficiently grab and pack.


Pregis AirSpeed® HC (hybrid cushioning) film: Pregis is debuting two industry-first innovations in the Pregis AirSpeed® HC (hybrid cushioning) portfolio that run on the on-demand AirSpeed Ascent system. The HC material is a proprietary square pattern that offers protective cushioning and a premium unboxing experience. The line’s highest performer, HC Barrier, is the first barrier film technology with superior cushioning designed to comply with the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) requirements for store drop-off recycling.


Taking circularity to the next level, Pregis has engineered a new 80% post-consumer recycled (PCR) HC film blend to meet consumers’ growing demand for products with recycled content. Playing a vital role in a circular economy, the 80% PCR film blend is expected to be commercially available in 2023.


Pregis Airspeed® Turbo™ void fill system: Also launching in 2023, the Turbo is a high-speed compact system that creates void fill and light cushioning inflatable packaging. This versatile system creates consistent, high-performing air pillows and double cushion patterns at 100 feet per minute.


Pregis is featuring a variety of packaging solutions at Pack Expo 2022 to address customers’ toughest business challenges. In addition to its newest air and paper systems, the company is also highlighting mailing and bagging automation solutions, an expanded performance flexibles portfolio, and temporary protective film offerings. Pregis is helping customers overcome labor challenges, meet sustainability goals, and protect profits by reducing damages and improving operational efficiencies. Pack Expo attendees can learn more by stopping by Pregis Booth #S-3834.