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Happy family carrying their moving boxes to a new home on a beautiful afternoon

Making a Dream Home Come True Begins with Protective Packaging

Home is where the heart is — especially if it’s built new from the ground up.

When a family opts for custom construction, they have a precise vision for the life they want to live, and the way they’ll experience every room. As a construction company or supply retailer, you’re not just helping a family build a house. You’re helping them build their dream.

Intensive labor, project management, and new materials drive construction costs higher than buying an existing home. Even though your customers are willing to pay more for what they want, they still may have tight budget constraints. Damage to materials and appliances doesn’t have to be the reason for going over budget.

This e-book will discuss:

  • How construction materials get damaged
  • The challenges of shipping, transporting, and storage
  • How to protect pricey materials during all construction stages

Careful packaging ensures all appliances and construction materials arrive on-site in pristine condition, protecting items as they await installation. We consult with customers every day to implement the right solutions for their operations, with scalability and adaptability cornerstones of our work.

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Protect From Damage

We specialize in solutions that keep items safe and sound during transit so they arrive to their destinations in one piece.

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Protect Surfaces

Our surface protection and interleaving prevent materials and appliances from knicks, scratches, and even fading from UV light, so they look good as new for as long as possible. Protecting the outside of your products begins inside the box.

Protect the Planet

'The majority of damaged appliances and construction materials are sent immediately to a landfill. More is then ordered to replace what is no longer usable. Preventing damage during shipping does more than protect the bottom line — it protects the environment.

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Damaged fragile brown cardboard box

Is Package Damage Impacting Your Bottom Line?

E-commerce retailers and manufacturers put in a significant amount of effort and investment making sure the products they produce meet quality and performance goals. However, if insufficient packaging protection results in customers receiving your product in damaged, broken and/or non-functioning condition, the impact to your brand’s profit margin can be significant.

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