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Infographic: A Walkthrough of the Pregis PolyMask Consultative Process

What's the secret Recipe to a Perfect Pregis PolyMask™ solution?

Choosing the right Pregis PolyMask temporary protective film for a product can be the difference between a happy end-user and a damaged return. That’s why Pregis sales consultants and applications engineers look at every aspect of a given customer’s needs—finding the right solution by comprehensively analyzing everything from the underlying substrate to expected transport conditions.

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Finding the Right Fit

Pregis PolyMask films are custom-made, and each customer goes through a consultative process to find the perfect fit. More than just selecting for superficial variables like color and thickness, Pregis consultants analyze various films to determine the best approach. Follow these links to learn more about the various industry applications Pregis PolyMask caters to, including transportation, building and construction, appliances, metals, and plastics, and more.


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