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Raising the Bar Begins With Measuring Fulfillment Center Performance

Fulfillment is at the core of every e-commerce operation, impacting the speed in which a customer receives merchandise and whether or not a product arrives intact. The way a distribution center fulfills orders will directly impact a company’s financial success, customer loyalty, and even brand perception.

No matter how brilliant the product or attention-grabbing the marketing, none of it matters if order fulfillment doesn’t go above and beyond to impress customers.

For companies looking to improve their e-commerce fulfillment center operation, it’s critical to ask detailed and targeted questions such as:

check-circle.png  Are orders delayed by inefficient packing processes?

check-circle.png  Does packaging positively affect brand perception?

check-circle.png  Can we fill more orders with less packaging material?

check-circle.png  Is my distribution center spending more per item to ship than it should?

check-circle.png  How is my packaging material and fulfillment process impacting profit? 


Download this e-book to learn:

check-circle.png  What key performance indicators (KPIs) to track to lower costs and improve efficiency and output.

check-circle.png  How to pinpoint issues and inefficiencies arising from your fulfillment processes, equipment, and labor.

check-circle.png  How to set performance benchmarks so you can make measurable, data-driven improvements.


At Pregis, we know you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Here’s how to make high-IQ packaging and fulfillment decisions, so you can thrive in the e-commerce era.

The Metrics of Success

Learn the value of KPIs, such as order fill rate, order cycle time, damage rate, and perfect order percentage — and how to track them.

Overcome Challenges

Discover how KPIs can help you uncover problems within your labor force, packing protocols, equipment, floor layout, or all of the above. Plus, learn how to measure the effectiveness of your chosen solutions.

Get to the Next Level

Learn how tracking your current performance can help you meet business objectives.

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