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From Essential to Exceptional

Essential industries are now serving consumers as they transition into a life at home, creating a variety of challenges for what's anticipated to be a record peak season, and leaving little time to prepare for a host of new health, safety and supply considerations.

"Even with the rapid rise of e-commerce over the last decade, the last few years have seen an unprecedented amount of growth. In 2017, it comprised 10.4 percent of global retail sales. By 2019, that number was up to 16.4 percent, and experts predicted that, by 2023, e-commerce will account for as much as 22 percent of global retail sales, hitting nearly $30 trillion per year.

The increase in e-commerce has shifted fulfillment into the limelight, as did Amazon’s introduction of two-day Prime shipping in 2005 in the US. Instead of just getting orders out the door, distribution centers are now under pressure to keep up with Amazon’s rollouts of next day and even same-day shipping — much of which was fueled by the strategic use of technology and automation. For midsize and enterprise e-commerce brands, as well as the distribution centers that serve them, the ability to quickly and efficiently receive, temporarily store, and ship out goods is critical to capture a piece of that $30 trillion opportunity."


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