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Circularity and Collaboration

Building a circular economy that keeps plastic waste out of the environment is a giant but not insurmountable task. Pregis is determined to play a transformational role at this critical time, contributing to collective intelligence and action around shared issues.

To that end, we are collaborating with Alliance to End Plastic Waste to meet the plastic waste challenge.  At Pregis, our dedication to sustainability led us to join the AEPW in 2019 to create a positive impact around the globe.  

By fostering innovation and collaboration, the AEPW and the member companies are enabling a more sustainable future and a circular economy for plastics. 

No one company can do it alone. What’s been so special about the Alliance is the diverse set of industry talent it brings together. We’ve been able to deepen partnerships with other member organizations that share our commitment to purpose-driven innovation.  The Alliance helps connect companies across a complex value chain so we can deliver greater impact working together than any one company can do individually.

- Kevin Baudhuin, Pregis Chairman and CEO

Recently, Pregis launched the AirSpeed® Hybrid Cushioning (HC) Renew™ PCR solution for inside the box protection to the North American market.  It is the only high-pressure air cushioning film made with 80 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.  Pregis is committed to using post-consumer recycled content in their global film portfolio. Doing so keeps materials in use that would have otherwise been discarded, closing the recyclability loop while reducing landfill waste, conserving energy, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

You can read more about the steps the Alliance has taken to # EndPlasticWaste in the 2022 Catalysing Impact report.