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Beyond Logistics: Pregis and 3PL Connect Through Shared Purpose

Discover how Pregis and a third-party logistics provider come together to redefine value, drive social responsibility, and elevate customer experience through Pregis AirSpeed HC Inspyre packaging solution.

For this large third-party logistics (3PL) provider, delivering value is not enough – they strive to redefine it. That's why they were thrilled to integrate Pregis AirSpeed® HC Inspyre into their on-demand protective packaging operations.

The high-pressure air cushioning solution not only reduced their packaging costs, but it aligned with their value-added customer approach and corporate mission to better people’s lives.

Giving back – charitable contributions

By packaging with on-demand HC Inspyre, the 3PL helps to fight water insecurities in communities worldwide. As a proud brand member of 1% for the Planet, 1% of all Pregis Inspyre packaging sales go to the Uzima Clean Water Mission. This non-profit organization provides life-changing water filters to communities plagued by water scarcity. Uzima’s mission is to eliminate waterborne disease, improve economic conditions, advance gender equality, and enhance the quality of life among the world’s most vulnerable communities.






Uzima filters eliminate 99.99% of bacteria responsible for waterborne illnesses


Connecting through purpose and social responsibility

Driven by a deep sense of purpose and the power of connection, the 3PL felt it was important to share the Inspyre social responsibility story with their employees and visitors.

In 2022 alone, this 3PL provided over 8,000 people in need access to clean drinking water.

They prominently display Inspyre literature throughout their facilities, including signage on the Pregis AirSpeed® Ascent™ machines that produce the performance cushioning product. The displays serve as real-life examples of the service and community initiatives they put into practice.

Elevating the customer experience

HC Inspyre provides their clients added value by helping brands create an unforgettable connection with their customers during the unboxing experience. The distinctive blue hue of HC Inspyre establishes a powerful visual connection to the Uzima Clean Water Mission, reinforcing the impact of the brand’s charitable contribution.

From protection to connection: the Inspyre advantage

By implementing Pregis' HC Inspyre into their protective packaging, the 3PL protects products, fights water insecurity, provides customers added value, and connects employees with the corporate culture.

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