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Pregis’ latest study reveals the key sustainable packaging priorities and challenges of today’s companies

In many ways, the proliferation of e-commerce has changed the game – especially when it comes to sustainability in packaging. Pregis’ new market study sheds light on how today’s companies define and prioritize sustainability in packaging and fulfillment, along with the challenges that arise during the process.

The study was based on a survey of 325 decision makers and influencers across three primary industries, including industrial (manufacturing, automotive and transportation), retail/e-commerce, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.   

Key findings included:  

  • Sustainability-White-Paper-Cover.jpgCompanies across industries largely define sustainability in packaging as a reduction in the overall use of packaging, and of that packaging used, they believe those products should be sustainably sourced. 
  • Supporting a circular economy is far and away the largest theme when it comes to implementation. Companies primarily utilize recycled materials and reusable packaging, along with reducing landfill waste, to support a closed loop system. 
  • Sustainability leaders aren’t the only stakeholders involved in the environmental decisions at a company. Finance, operations, and procurement influence the packaging being utilized.  
  • Overall, a company’s management team and its customers contribute the most to the prioritization of sustainability initiatives. Of those top two groups, customers were ranked as the most influential voice during the process. 

The study also revealed gaps between the sustainability goals established by companies and their implementation strategies. And key company roles that are missing during the decision-making process. The good news is that there are actions that can be taken to close these gaps and bolster the decision-making process to create positive progress.    

Download the white paper to learn how you can make improvements and discover new and innovative ways to reduce waste in landfills, preserve resources, and contribute to a circular economy.  

Rooted in our company purpose to Protect, Preserve and Inspyre™, Pregis is focused on protecting and preserving the planet, and inspiring positive change.   

The Pregis IQ® (innovation headquarters) offers design and testing services to help companies improve packaging performance while reducing material use, damage and waste. Pregis packaging engineers help create, validate, and recommend solutions that are backed by data and testing.  We work with companies across a variety of industries to support and advance their sustainability initiatives through strategic tools, such as the Pregis EcoGauge, damage calculator and Life Cycle Analysis. 

Everyone has an important part in preserving the environment and aligning sustainability priorities to meet customer, industry, and government demands. If you're looking for a packaging partner that is equally committed to addressing global waste challenges, while building a better future for everyone, contact Pregis. 

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