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5 Ways to Activate Customers With Customized Packaging

Born from a need to protect products during the shipping process, packaging products used to function solely as a means to an end. But the rise of online shopping has made protective packaging materials and their role in the customer experience part of the e-commerce lexicon.

Attractive and branded packaging excites consumers during the buying process. According to a Package InSight study, tissue paper can boost customer satisfaction and create a positive brand perception. As we see in the study, protective packaging materials are part of the positive reward experience. 

Think about all the different perceptions consumers can take away from an encounter with custom packaging. Sharing a message on these packaging materials when the consumer is the most satisfied with their purchase is a powerful way to connect. 

An excellent unboxing experience is a chance to deliver a sense of gratification that becomes associated with the brand long after the sale. Dismissing this dynamic possibility to have ongoing access to a customer is a mistake that could show up later on a balance sheet. 

Brands looking for the best ways to capitalize on this opportunity can start getting creative with Pregis Easypack® Inspyre™ Paper in their shipping applications. Inspyre paper is colored and custom-printed tissue paper that offers a differentiated, personalized unboxing experience. It is dispensed by the Easypack Quantum void-fill system, which boasts high throughput, is safe, ergonomic, and very packer friendly.

Below are five ways Inspyre paper packaging can level up your customer encounters during unboxing.   

Share a QR Code

Inspyre paper can be printed with whatever you desire -  there’s no limit to the creativity you can bring to the table. Share a QR code that starts a new journey for a customer leading to an additional sale or in-store activity. 

Provide a Discount

Like a QR code, you can offer customers special discounts when they receive and open your packages. This exclusivity will encourage additional sales and track repeat transactions because the secondary sales will be labeled with the unique code added to the Inspyre paper. 

Ask for Feedback

If you have repeat or subscription customers, capturing their feelings about your brand or shopping experience is easier when they are happiest. Asking for specific input with a personalized message printed on Inspyre paper is another way to connect directly with your customer.

Reinforce Messaging

By nature, e-retailers can miss out on the total value of in-person or experiential marketing campaigns. When your transactions are done online, you can’t make an announcement with a neon sign or by adding personalized sodas to a branded vending machine. This kind of news can go on the Inspyre paper packaging -- speaking directly to the buyer in person. 

Encourage Engagement in Social Campaigns

Getting online engagement for awards, surveys, giveaways, or just asking for followers can take time and effort. One way to activate buyers on social media is to ask them to engage with your social channels after you’ve wowed them with your personalized unboxing experience. 

Inspyre paper is one way to rebuild the essential in-person brand-to-customer connection sometimes lost in e-commerce transactions. Differentiate your packages, increase consumer value, and encourage brand loyalty by choosing a solution from Pregis.

Visit Pregis Inspyre Paper online for more information and to see the Quantum On-Demand System in action with Inspyre paper.