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Take your business from essential to EXCEPTIONAL

Companies around the globe recently faced a new question: Are we essential? 

For the essential industries serving consumers as they shifted into stay-at-home mode, it meant scaling up for one of the biggest peak seasons in history without ample planning time and a host of new health, safety and supply considerations.

For others, it meant shifting into the mode of conservation and scaling back to protect the long term health of the business and employees.

To help companies transition from being simply essential into being exceptional, we have prepared an ebook to help illustrate how we can make this an opportunity to emerge a vital contender and achieve new heights of success by protecting what matters most.

Regardless of the specific situation, there are common priorities in flight around the world as the economy tries to phase its way into a new reality that COVID forced upon us. These can be classified into several buckets: Protecting employees, productivity, profits and products.  

At Pregis, this happens to be what we do on the daily. We consult with customers to select and implement the right solutions for their operations. We are built for scalability and adaptability. We can help customers become exceptional operations. 

Emerge a stronger contender by protecting



The core every business.  Let us help you protect the health and safety of your most important assets, employees. 

Protect Employees



Need to get more shipments out the door more quickly with potentially with fewer people?  Challenge accepted! 

Protect Productivity



Reducing damage is good for your business and the environment. Products worth protecting deserve Pregis.

Protect Products

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Despite pressure to manage costs and improve profitability, we can help protect your profits today and into the future.

Protect Profits

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Protecting Employees

Employees are the core of every business.

We ensure yours remain protected and healthy by configuring each workplace to be safe, ergonomic and efficient.In addition to setting up the best workstation configuration, we can also provide remote packer training via web, VR or workstation placards for new employees or cross training.  

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Protecting Productivity

Getting products quickly and efficiently to your customers is a requirement. We analyze each step of your process to identify and implement solutions that increase throughput of packages and the productivity of your employees. 

We excel in providing quick installation and integration of modular packaging delivery systems.   From indvidualized pack stations for enhanced safety and productivity to reconfigured warehouse optimization, our teams can help you achieve your operational goals.   

Pregis' technical service teams are available to offer remote troubleshooting as well as no contact maintenance scheduling to maintain the highest standards of safety and maximize uptime. 

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Protecting Products

Our mission is to protect your products with the best packaging solution.  Doing our job means NO rework, reships or replacements, allowing you to focus on growth.  

Our packaging experts will identify and efficiently implement the right solution for your application and shipping environment. 

  • Optimize packaging for ecommerce parcel shipping, direct to consumer and SIOC (ship in own container)
  • Prevent costly damages
  • Protect the environment with the right packaging choices that reduce product damage and waste 
  • Delight customers to keep top line revenues healthy

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Protecting Profits

We ensure current and future profitability by providing the most cost effective solutions, stabilizing pricing, reducing product damage, labor and freight costs.

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Increase output with more efficient, automated equipment solutions 
  • Optimize packaging material utilization, warehouse space and inventory turns
  • Minimize freight expense with packaging designed for your distribution network
  • Reduce process and packaging waste
  • Focus on daily operations with a stable supply partnership so you can count on!

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