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EverTec™ Curbside Recyclable Mailer

Presenting the Pregis EverTec™ mailer: A durable, curbside recyclable mailer that unlocks the power of paper. It’s the ONLY cost-competitive mailer that matches lightweight, padded functionality with curbside recyclability for everything ecommerce. Better yet, it’s the option you need to replace small boxes and the manual wrapping of items. EverTec will safely ship more items in less space, while protecting against damage and increasing packing efficiency. That’s the EverTec difference, yet another power-packed solution from your friends at Pregis.

EverTec delivers for customers,
supply chains, budgets…and,
oh yeah, the planet.

  • Revolutionary cushioning – EverTec utilizes revolutionary lightweight cushioning which enables easy curbside recycling while providing superior padded protection
  • Premium damage protection – Padded construction with strong bottom and side heat sealing, cushions the package for high-impact resistance.
  • Right-sized for shipping – Variable sizes to accommodate the widest range of items and fit more right-sized packages on every truck.
  • Ultra-efficient box replacement – HALF the cost and effort of manual box applications, increasing warehouse efficiency.
  • Rave user reviews – Eco-friendly materials, plus custom printing and an easy pull-tear strip create a “WOW!” customer experience where satisfaction meets sustainability.
  • Durable "Everlasting" performance – Highly puncture resistant, with flexible “give” to protect the precious cargo through every last trip.
  • Easy to recycle – Slam-dunk these mailers into recycling bins to restart the cycle of green enterprise, mailing worldwide.
  • True "Evergreen" solution – Eliminates landfill waste by reducing damaged items, and creates a circular recycling stream, protecting what's inside and out.

2022 Edison Awards Nominee!

We are proud to have our Pregis EverTec mailer nominated for a 2022 Edison Award – recognizing excellence in new-product innovation for its durability and ease of recyclability. Funny how something designed to disappear is getting noticed by all.



Durable Design with Proven Reduction in Damages

Shake it, stack it, drop it or drench it - EverTec demonstrates everlasting performance, protecting what’s on the inside with equal protection to the outside.


EverTec Mailer Dimensions

Made in the USA for a range of shipping needs.

Variable sizes | Cushioned protection | Lightweight

Size Exterior: Flap Open Exterior: Flap Closed Interior Avg. Weight (grams)
#0 7" x 11.25" 7" x 9" 6" x 9" 15
#2 12" x 11.25" 12" x 9" 11" x 9" 27
#4 14" x 11.25" 14" x 9" 13" x 9" 30
#5 12" x 17.25" 12" x 15" 11" x 15" 42
#6 14" x 20.25" 14" x 18" 13" x 18" 56