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Microfoam® Polypropylene Sheet Foam

Only one manufacturer in the world can offer low-density polypropylene sheet foam–Pregis. Microfoam is unique as it has a high coefficient of friction to protect surfaces against shifting and vibration making it perfect for high gloss or Class A surfaces. It is a lightweight material that is big on protection.

Product Details

PP foam is excellent for interleaving, wrapping, surface protection, vapor transmission, thermal and insulation. Great for laminations.

  • High coefficient of friction provides unequalled protection for easily scratched finishes.
  • Stable across wide temperature range.
  • Performs reliably from -250°F up to 250°F (melting point of 320°F)
  • Low density, lightweight (half the weight of polyethylene sheet foam)
  • Won’t tarnish or corrode sensitive metals
  • Outstanding breathability (protects against moisture, mildew)
  • Flexible & easy to handle
  • Very buoyant - Ideal for floating containment systems

Available in various thickness and options such as  converted, laminated and pouches.

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