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Sturdy and customizable, Side Load Bags are the perfect solution for manufacturers and distributors.

Sharp Packaging by Pregis is proud to announce our latest time and cost saving product, Side Load Bags. Sturdy and customizable, they are the perfect solution for manufacturers and distributors who need a dependable supplier of top quality bags for high volume applications.

Top quality, short lead times, competitive pricing and customization designs.

Better Lead Times
We understand the impact waiting around for your bags has on your bottom line. Sharp by Pregis has industry leading lead times so you can focus on getting your customers’ packages out, not tracking your own.
Quality You Can Trust
Sharp Side Load bags are made of top grade poly materials. They are engineered to run on all brands of side load bagging machines reliably, and maintain their integrity no matter how rough their journey may be.
Customized Bag Printing
As with all Sharp bags, our new Side Load Bags can be personalized with your unique logo, emblem, or design, all in full color.
Cost Savings
Competitively priced, Sharp Side Load Bags help manufacturers and distributors meet their budget.
Specialized Construction Options
With available side or top perforation, bag ventilation, and recloseable seal options, Sharp Side Load Bags accommodate your unique application.


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