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E-Z Stat™ (Anti-Static)

Used for packaging of static sensitive components where electrostatic, static dissipative and triboelectric contamination is problematic. E-Z Stat™ dissipates electrical build up, thus protecting products from static.


  • Protection of electrical components and kits
  • Static-sensitive materials
  • Any application where static dissipation is required

Available Gauges: 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 mil.

Special Features:

  • Available in clear, traditional pink tints and opaque colors
  • Re-closable features

Technical Specifications:

  • Press Printing: Yes
  • Imprinting: Yes
  • Mil Thickness: 2.0
  • Configuration: EZ® Bag
Blown Film Properties Nominal Values Test Methods (ASTM)
Static Decay Time Not > 2.0 seconds (5-0kv) FTS 101, Method 4046
Surface Resistance ≥ 1x105 and, 1x1012ohms/Sq ESD STM11.11-2001
Volume Resistance 1x104 and, 1x1011ohms/Cm ESD STM11.12-2000
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