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Laboratory Capabilities

A Special Blend of Testing Resources & Technology


The Art & Science

The technology behind extrusion films is a science in itself. The research and development team at Pregis Films thrives on new challenges. Our technical team works collaboratively with you to discover the perfect blend of materials to meet your expectations. By partnering with our customers, we develop industry leading custom solutions that meet or exceed expectations. 

Capabilities include full physical and analytical testing:

  • Tensile Properties (Modulus, Tensile strength, Elongation at Break)
  • Blocking Test
  • Dart Impact
  • Slow Puncture
  • Elmendorf Tear Strength
  • Thickness Gauge
  • Haze/Gloss Meters
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Offline Gauge Profiler
  • Gelbo Flex
  • Photo-Microscope
  • UV VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Hot Stage Microscopy
  • O2TR, MVTR
  • FTIR Spectrometer
  • Sealing and Hot Tack Testing
  • Thermal Lamination Studies
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