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Solve your biggest fulfillment challenges

with Pregis’ Automated Packaging Equipment Portfolio

Increased throughput? Check. Optimize labor? Check. Minimize packaging material usage? Check. Reduce product damages? Check. Whatever your fulfillment KPIs and pain points are, Pregis can provide you with end-of-line automated packaging solutions that are truly tailored to your needs – from polybags to cohesive mailers.

The Power of Our Automation in Action


The right polybag or paper mailer to get your customer’s product from point A to B

Automate it


We design the ideal automated solution for you via a strategic, consultative process

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Large or small, we integrate within any fulfillment environment

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shorr-and-pregis-team-up.jpgWatch Ingenuity and Automation Come to Life for a Food Copacker

Pregis and Shorr Packaging developed a first-of-its-kind automated custom bagging system for a food copacker, resulting in over $200k in savings via a 33% labor reduction, improved count accuracy, manual process minimization, and increased output. View the case study to learn how Pregis and Shorr’s consultative approach produced the out-of-the-box solution and surpassed client expectations.

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Automated Packaging/ By Pregis

Automated Packaging Solutions

Increase output and decrease DIM weight with Sharp poly bagging machines.

Automated Bagging Systems

Need variable sizing or increased protection? Check out all of the automated cold seal solutions offered by Pregis.

Cohesive Automation Solutions

Lower DIM weight and faster packing are just a few of the benefits of our consumables. Fully customizable to any budgets and brand guidelines, Sharp Polybags are made to deliver ‘wows,’ and save on materials. Labels even print right on the bags.

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