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Sharp Packaging by Pregis Simplifies Small Parts Packaging

Facing low productivity, capacity constraints, slow throughput and too much setup time?

Sharp bagging solutions solve all of these problems, and more. Our integrated equipment bags and labels in seconds, keeping you running—and growing—more efficiently. Contact our expert sales team to learn more about the right solution to save you time, money, space,and frustration.

Solutions for Packaging Small Parts

Pregis offers manual, semi-automatic and fully automated solutions to help protect your small parts shipments. If you need to find a solution that will work with your automated fulfillment center Sharp packaging offers a number of bagging machine and cohesive solutions that can reduce labor time, increase throughput saving time and money.

Amazing Results

By streamlining the packaging and labeling process, Sharp’s machines boost productivity for small parts manufacturers as much as 61%.
Reduce Material Costs and Boost Sustainability
With full color on bag printing, Sharp machines eliminate the need for extra labels or paper stock, lowering material costs by 33%, as well as curtailing overall waste.
Save Time on Employee Training
Employee training takes about a week, a third of the amount of time for typical packaging machines, keeping you and your team moving like clockwork.
Space Saving
Sharp’s modular design fits with existing machinery while taking up less floor space.
Customized Polybags
Sharp Packaging by Pregis has over a dozen types of materials to choose from, so you can customize your bags. Materials include everything from clear to opaque and water resistant to electro static discharge so you’ll have the perfect fit for your products.

Custom Solutions

Our engineers are well equipped to customize complex manufacturing operations

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Bagging Machines

Built to deliver ultimate efficiency, maximum throughput, and cost savings, Sharp Packaging by Pregis offers an extensive selection of automatic and semi-automatic bagging machines that open, fill, and seal bags as small as 2" wide and 4" long. Our MAX line features continuous bagging rolls for peak performance, while the more compact SX and SX GO options are ideal for smaller orders, helping parts manufacturers to make use of small spaces. In addition, with our thermal printer options, the expense of adhesive labels can be eliminated.

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Poly Bags

With over a dozen bag options, including translucent low density general purpose bags, opaque high density mailers, metalized barrier film for ultimate moisture protection, and corrosion inhibiting film for ferrous metals, Sharp Packaging by Pregis always has the right fit.