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Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is more than just the products and materials we use. It’s a value system that permeates our company and informs everything we do — from what our team researches and develops, to the processes and technologies we adopt and invest in, to how we advise our partners and customers to operate. At Pregis, we don’t just reduce, reuse, and recycle - we use our position to lead the way to a circular economy that puts people and the planet first.

As a leader in protective packaging solutions, it’s our duty to help create the circular economy that will protect the planet, preserve our resources, and "Inspyre" change. The Pregis 2K30 mission is a bold plan to harness our passion for sustainability into concrete action — real, measurable goals; close cooperation with our partners, vendors, and customers; and an open invitation for like-minded companies and individuals to join us in doing more of doing better.

For over 50 years, we have stayed focused and true to our values:

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Protect our planet by reducing damage and preventing reships. We can help you protect customer experience, profits and your employees.

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Preserve natural resources and the environment. We focus on designing products and processes that contribute to a circular economy through end-to-end supply chain excellence.

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People are the “y” in Inspyre. We inspyre people to do more good for the world through education, industry advocacy, professional and personal development.

Pregis’s sustainability commitment helps companies and consumers make better decisions, by making it easier to be sustainable. It inspired the creation of our proprietary EcoGauge, so customers can see the impact their fulfillment and distribution strategies have on the planet. It’s why we joined leading industry advocacy organizations working to find solutions and provide recycling instructions for our products.

We work in concert with our people and our partners to make sustainability an enduring mission to transform the world for the better, leading the way toward a better, more sustainable future and inviting like-minded companies to join us on the journey to 2030.

“At Pregis, social responsibility is more than an ideal, it’s a passion that drives our direction as a company. Our mission is to Protect, Preserve and Inspyre. The commitment to achieve our 2k30 goals is a bold vision to lead the industry into a more sustainable future by focusing our employees, company and customers on achieving tangible, meaningful sustainability goals. Carbon neutrality is our north star and all of our initiatives are designed to move us in this direction. The next 10 years will be an accelerated period of transformation for our company, industry and the world we share.”

- President & CEO, Kevin Baudhuin

Our 2k30 Goals

The 2K30 Mission is the next evolution of the way we do business, of the way we use resources, and the way we engage our customers and suppliers. Our journey to 2K30 is our part to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come, and we invite all of our partners, customers, and distributors to take it with us.

Working hand in hand with our network and forming new alliances, by the year 2030, Pregis will:


Eliminate 1 million reshipments

Reships are one of the biggest sources of waste, cost, and disappointment for your profits, your customers, and the planet. By protecting packages appropriately and eliminating the need for replacement deliveries, we can exponentially decrease paper and plastic waste, consumption of resources, and greenhouse gas emissions. This foundational KPI is tied to every other goal in our 2K30 mission, and will be driven by our customers implementing Pregis solutions in their fulfillment operations.


Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 25 percent

This is the equivalent of 4.5 million cars’ worth of CO2 emissions removed from our supply chain through innovations in processes, practices, and materials. Focusing on emissions forces Pregis to confront and rethink every step along the product journey, from ideation and innovation to what happens to it after it’s used, leading to better outcomes for our people, the planet, and our partners.


Save 15 million new trees from harvest

Sustainability starts with material choice. Companies are responsible for the entire life cycle of their products, and that means working backward and upstream to ensure that suppliers are just as committed to sustainability as Pregis. By committing to only using ethical, sustainable suppliers, Pregis is choosing to lead sustainability efforts globally. For every ton of paper customers order from our Easypack catalog, we save 17 trees from harvest.


Make 100 percent of Pregis products recyclable, reusable, or with a minimum 30 percent reduced reliance on new petroleum-based ingredients

Pregis is committed to proactive, not reactive, innovation. We think about the products our partners will need in 10 years and beyond to stay ahead of the curve and offer more sustainable packaging options than any of our competitors. Focusing on the future ensures our partners are prepared for legislative and regulatory challenges coming down the road and helps them connect with what their customers need before they need it.


Achieve 100% product and process waste reduction at Pregis facilities globally

Reducing waste by 100% will require a radical effort from everyone at Pregis, but the work will orient us towards sustainability at every level and across every process. Pregis is committed to finding innovative ways to reduce the amount of waste generated at its facilities and find new ways to transform any waste that remains into new products that fulfill our sustainability mission. This means a better, more sustainable product and a wider selection of products that meet sustainability goals.


Invest $15 million in circular, scalable, and sustainable material, process, and waste solutions at our facilities globally

Sustainability isn’t just our dream. It’s a fully-funded plan of action at Pregis. We don’t hope to become more sustainable, and we aren’t trying to find sustainability — we are making sustainability a reality and are putting our money where our mouths are. This funding will be used to identify the best new sustainability technologies and approaches and to invest in them for a bigger impact — not later, but now. Pregis celebrates the success of the companies, organizations, and teams it invests in and spotlights the impact they’re having.


Make a positive impact on 25 million lives

Sustainability and corporate responsibility aren’t important because it makes for good taglines or marketing — but instead because it helps real people. Pregis is making this effort because we believe that everything we do needs to be about people first, and these initiatives need to be directly linked to making people’s lives better. Helping others gives Pregis purpose. Reaching this goal requires a community of like-minded companies, organizations, and consumers who want to join Pregis on this journey.

Sustainability & CSR Ecosystem

We take a holistic approach to making the world a better place. Being a good corporate citizen isn’t just creating eco-friendly packaging, reducing waste, or giving to charity — it’s about doing it all, and empowering our customers to do the same. Much of our good work is driven by the passion of our employees, themselves.

As members of environmental advocacy groups like CEFLEX and Alliance to End Plastic Waste, we’re contributing our supply chain expertise to co-create a circular economy. Many of our products have been certified as eco-friendly by organizations like Forest Stewardship Council. And sales from a portion of our catalog benefits charity organizations around the world.

Pregis’ growing ecosystem of sustainability solutions, industry advocacy, and philanthropy adds values and value to your company, complementing your existing eco-initiatives or forming the basis for a whole CSR program:



Giving Back to #InspyreChange

Our employees support a variety of initiatives and charities like the Hunger Task Force and UZima Clean Water Mission.

For every sale of Inspyre packaging, Pregis makes a donation to UZima, a non-profit that provides water filters to people without access to clean drinking water. Your customers will receive water-blue inflatable cushioning with an insert explaining your company is helping to fight water insecurities, an issue that impacts nearly one billion people across the globe.

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Industry Advocacy

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American Chemistry Council®

Every year, the ACC® invests tens of millions of dollars to ensure that the products making modern living possible are safe for you, our communities and the environment.

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Alliance to End Plastic Waste

A non-profit partnered with government and civil society, including environmental and economic development NGOs working to make the dream of a world without plastic waste a reality.

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Pregis is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody certified, using 100% recycled paper with all Easypack Paper Packaging Systems.

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Member of

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How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. With a coalition of forward-thinking brands who want their packaging to be recycled and empower consumers through smart packaging labels.

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The Sustainable Packaging Coalition's mission is to bring packaging sustainability stakeholders together to catalyze actionable improvements to packaging systems.

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The Wrap Recycling Action Program (WRAP) is a national public outreach initiative to make plastic film a commonly recycled material with a strong and ever-growing recycling rate.

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CEFLEX has established a roadmap and targets to achieve a circular economy for flexible packaging for the years 2020 to 2025, increasing recycling efforts across the EU.

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Learn more about our sustainability initiatives, and how Pregis can support yours.

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Recognizing the Collective Effort

As a leader in the movement for sustainability in business, we're honoring our customers who are working toward the same goals. The Pregis Purpose Awards are presented to companies preserving our environment, giving back to their communities, and building a better world.

Learn more about the CSR Award Honorees

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