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Automotive Bumper Wrap

Protecting oversize items like bumpers is a challenge even for the biggest automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Bumpers need to be protected during transport from abrasions and punctures so they don't show up wrecked. Pregis offers multiple automotive packaging solutions that not only protect from damage but reduce the time to pack and shipping costs. We leave the repair work to the professionals and do our job to prevent damage before it happens.

Product Details

Pregis is only manufacturer of bumper bags that can offer 3 base materials plus a substantial variety of lamination substrates to meet customer requirements.  

Microfoam Polypropylene foam:

  • Polypropylene foam base layer: Thickness range – 0.030” – 0.50”
  • Outstanding surface protection and abrasion resistance 
  • Excellent cushioning performance
  • Flexibility – important when converting into bags
  • Multiple laminate substrate options: polypropylene non-wovens, polypropylene scrim material, polypropylene and polyethylene film

Astro-Foam Polyethylene foam:

  • Polyethylene foam base layer: Thickness range – 0.030” – 0.50
  • Outstanding surface/abrasion protection
  • Excellent cushioning performance – ability to produce at high densities
  • Multiple width options
  • Multiple laminate substrate options: polyethylene films, polyethylene scrim materials

Astro-Cell Air Cushioning:

  • Polyethylene bubble base layer: Thickness range – 0.185” – 0.3125”
  • Multiple laminate substrate options
    • Polyethylene films (produced in house)
    • Coextruded films

Available in flat-wound roll stock, sheets, or converted into bags.

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