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Why Easypack Is a Versatile, Sustainable Solution to Eliminate Product Damage

By employing an Easypack® packaging system, companies can establish an intersection between customer demand and sustainable packaging that minimizes damages.

The first era of direct-to-consumer (D2C) saw startups that made and sold exactly one very thoughtfully executed thing. Call it D2C 1.0, but this era gave us companies like Casper, Warby Parker, and Dollar Shave club and kick-started the way companies sell (and ship) their products.

But as time passed, competition and growth requirements grew, and suddenly selling just one very good thing wasn’t good enough. Enter D2C 2.0 — the same companies (with some new additions) but with much wider packaging and shipping needs. Casper still sells mattresses, but now also sells bed frames, linens, and accessories. Dollar Shave Club still sells razors, but now also sells soaps and shampoos, shaving kits, and general grooming tools and products.

And these problems are magnified even more for third-party logistics companies (3PLs) who manage a dizzying variety of inventory for a multitude of brands, all of which may have different shapes, weights, sizes, and composition materials. Packaging is getting more complex every day, and packagers are looking for solutions that can maximize efficiency while minimizing the number of different machines, procedures, and materials used.


Solve All Of The Problems

Pregis’ 100 percent recyclable Easypack® paper is a great solution to scale a versatile distribution center, offering both void fill and block and brace protection. Easypack paper can provide protection for everything from heavier items like doors, car transmissions, and airplane parts to more delicate items like shampoos and candles.

It also comes in different weight options, which makes fine-tuning product protection a much easier process. Companies can use heavier weighted void fill material to fill in-box space and save on costs. And for items that need to be held tightly in place, block and brace padded paper can be configured in various ways for extra shipping protection.


Optimizing operations

Before implementing a packaging solution, businesses should be acutely aware of their operations. Are their products staying on shelves for long periods of time? Do they have sharp edges? How much do they weigh? These are the types of questions that will inform the in-box protection needed to minimize damages.

It’s also how Pregis approaches designing custom solutions for its customers. Pregis consults not only with factory managers, but also with packers on the floor to understand their specific needs and requirements. This process helps identify a company’s comfort zone, offering solutions that emphasize a maximum amount of protection.


Selecting a system

Finding the right Easypack system for your needs really depends on exactly what kind of packing needs you have. Luckily, Pregis offers a range of Easypack machines to fit any kind of application.


Block and Brace

The increasingly complex needs of modern distribution centers led to innovation in Pregis’ on-demand paper packaging systems. For example, Pregis’ Packmaster™ Pro, which produces paper pads, is increasingly being optimized for void fill operations in addition to its usual blocking and bracing. This makes it an incredibly versatile system for packers that need block and brace packaging but have an occasional need for void fill in specific circumstances.


The Packmaster Pro also comes with Pregis’ Maxwell Intelligent Interface, which allows businesses to load training videos designed to bridge experience gaps and provide packing explainers. With rising e-commerce orders, this type of creative thinking can help businesses pack more efficiently, train new employees, and minimize headcount. And while the Packmaster Pro is best suited for heavier items, the Packmate™ Pro, with its ease of use and quick load times, produces smaller cushions for lighter to medium-sized items. Both also now work with fanfold paper, increasing their versatility still further.


Void Fill

For void fill applications Pregis’ Quantum paper packaging systems fill the small gaps inside the box, reducing package DIM weight and offering great protection and greater savings. Quantum systems are engineered with a patented floating-head design and no internal cutting mechanism making the machines virtually unjammable, increasing uptime and throughput. They also come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, making them ideal for any distribution center, from large dedicated warehouses to in-store micro-fulfilment centers.


For example, the Quantum XTW comes with a tray holding a single bundle of fanfold paper or can be outfitted with a magazine that holds 5 bundles of 30” fanfold paper that equates to 500 cubic feet of void fill packaging. For smaller scale operations Quantum XT has options including a magazine that holds 5 bundles of 15” paper, a tray holding a single fanfold bundle of 15” paper, or a tray with a roll of pull from the middle paper. And the Quantum XT system can be table mounted to minimize floor space in compact areas.


Contributing to circularity

In addition to improving internal operations, businesses are always looking to get a leg up on their competition. That’s especially true when it comes to sustainable packaging. By using Easypack paper instead of virgin material, companies can establish their sustainability credibility.

Easypack paper is made of 100 percent recycled material and is 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. Plus, it’s FSC certified, so with Easypack paper, Pregis can help brands hit their own internal sustainability goals. In fact, businesses using Easypack have saved 1.5 million trees.

Consider a cleaning supply company that partnered with Pregis to streamline its sustainability efforts with an Easypack packaging system. The company was able to save 11,000 trees by using Easypack paper. In a time when companies are prioritizing moving away from using non-recyclable packaging products, Easypack paper is a top-notch solution to — pardon the pun — fill the void.


A perfect mix

Finding a packaging system that is both efficient and sustainable can be a challenge. But customers are demanding that environmentally friendly packaging complement the products they order. As a result, businesses have to meet these consumers where they are. By employing an Easypack packaging system, companies can establish an intersection between customer demand and packaging that keeps damages at a minimum. In an environment where order fulfillment is high and new employees are abundant, this type of thinking is necessary to get with the times — or risk being left behind.


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